I work for BitSight Technologies as Sr. Director of Technology.   

I teach at Northeastern University  College of Computer Science  in the Graduate program in Information Assurance.  I am the coach/advisor to Northeastern Cyber Defense Team which competes yearly in the National Cyber Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition.



I am passionate about engineering and education.  I have been lucky enough to get a number of exceptional CS teachers who went above and beyond to foster my love of computers.  My hope is I can continue my journey of learning while helping others on theirs.



For information on what I'm trying to explore/break this month check out blog posts (coming soon)  or tweets.  

   I am one of the creators of Packetfence- a automated worm and virus containment system. Packetfence is an opensource project, check it out at github

Tim Morgan and I  found a vulnerability in ClamAV, a popular opensource anti-virus program. DetailsAdvisory, and CVE CAN-2005-1795 



An applet-based anonymous distributed computing system

Internet Research: Electronic Networking Applications and Policy

An Applet-Based Approach to Large-Scale Distributed Computing

Proceedings of the International Network Conference 2000

Getting on the 6bone Quickly with Solaris 8

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Sun Certified System Administrator for Solaris 8 Study Guide
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NERCOMP Security SIG (October 28, 2007) - PDF

EDUCAUSE Security Professionals Conference Seminar (April 10, 2006) - PDF  

NERCOMP SIG (February 7, 2006) - PDF

Internet 2 Fall Members Meeting (September 20, 2005) -PDF Details Windows Stream 

Resent Symposium Presentation (June 26, 2005) - PDF -Schedule Quicktime Stream 

Internet 2 Spring Members Meeting (April 25, 2005) - PDF -Details 

EDUCAUSE Security Professionals Conference Presentation (April 5, 2005) - PDF  

NERCOMP Presentation (March 7, 2005) - PDF

Harvard ABCD Security Presentation (February 24, 2005) 

Northeastern Univeristy (December 5, 2004)    pdf Full Paper PDF